mindfulness in your organization

Looking to bring mindfulness to your workplace? I am certified to teach the Search Inside Yourself program, the mindfulness and emotional intelligence curriculum born at Google and based on neuroscience. I am also trained to teach mindfulness-based stress reduction. Contact me and we can discuss your organization’s needs and goals, whether it is for a two-hour session at your staff in-day, or support for a mindfulness retreat. Sessions I offer include: 

  • Search Inside Yourself (90-minute keynote, half-day, 1-day and 2-day programs)

  • Mindfulness at Work (90 minutes - half day)

  • Mindful Leadership (90 minutes - half-day)

  • Introduction to Mindfulness (90 minutes)

Getting started: Your Personal Mindfulness practice

New to meditation or thinking of starting? I can help you identify an approach that works for you, and help you identify and create structure to support an ongoing practice. Contact me for a complimentary conversation to discuss your goals.