Frequently asked questions

1. Where do the coaching meetings take place?

I live and work near Philadelphia. Coaching meetings can happen in person or virtually by phone or video. I am accustomed to working with busy executives who travel extensively and will work with you to figure out an arrangement that suits you and your schedule. 

2. How does coaching "work"?

The coaching engagement is structured around a set of agreed-upon objectives to support the client's personal and professional growth. Work happens during the coaching meetings and through assignments the client completes between sessions. As your coach I will hold you accountable to your commitments and help you generate approaches to resolve obstacles. That said, coaching is not a linear process and it can take some time and patience to shift a lifetime of habitual patterns!

3. What does it cost?

Contact me for a complimentary consultation and I am happy to discuss my pricing schedule with you. 

4. Is it possible to have a 360 done as part of the coaching engagement? 

Yes; I am experienced at conducting interview-based 360 assessments. Alternatively, if your organization uses a specific 360 tool, we can incorporate that input into the coaching engagement.