Customizable workshops

Elevate Your Energy to Drive Greater Impact

A leader's mood, energy and presence are among the most important factors in creating an environment where others can succeed (and want to!). But all too often high-performing leaders sacrifice their own well-being, with the predictable result that they can succumb to exhaustion, lose their perspective, and make everyone around them miserable. This highly interactive session offers a series of quick, effective self-assessments to guide you in identifying ways to increase your energy on a daily and long-term basis and helps you find solutions and structure an action plan to begin to restore your resilience. 

Mindful Leadership: Tactics to Create a More Engaged Team and a More Resilient You

Feeling as though every minute is taken and you don’t have time to breathe? Finding that you can’t stop thinking about that next thing so that you are not focused on this thing right in front of you? Learn to “take a pause” in the middle of busyness and distraction to enable better decision-making, improve group dynamics, and feel more energetic.  Learn tactics and practices to support you in bringing out the best in yourself and others.